Our engagements

The engagement of ESSOR Wealth Management

Employees of ESSOR Wealth Management have signed a commitment for your protection. This commitment is part of our business requirements. In addition to complying with laws and regulations of regulatory authorities, they regularly participate in continuing education. A copy of the service certificate is displayed in the office of your advisor with pride!

This service certificate reads as:

As a financial services advisor of ESSOR Wealth Management, my goal is to assist you in achieving your goals financiers.To do this, I pledge to:

  • act with integrity and rigor in your best interest
  • develop a structured process, which takes into account your resources, your income, your overall financial situation and your personality
  • offer you the best products and services from established strategy and objectives
  • bring you all the attention and all the support you are entitled to expect
  • I put my accessibility and availability at your service
  • listen carefully to your requests in order to understand your needs
  • offer a service tailored to meet your requirements.

In addition to the certificate of service, our specialists guarantee you:

  • Reliability: Respect our clients and do not create unrealistic expectations;
  • Integrity: client interests come before us;
  • Usability / convenience: Have a clear, concise and accurate for the customer;
  • Uniqueness: Be unique in our relations;
  • Accountability: Be accountable and proactive towards our customers;
  • Innovation: Research continually improved processes to improve.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct explains the standards that all team members of ESSOR Wealth Management are obliged to respect in their daily activities and their relationships with others. Read more …

We strongly believe in the values that inspire and transcend our everyday actions. Always aiming to offer a service that exceeds your expectations!

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