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Financial planning

Why this approach?

  • Why is financial planning?
    • This is the cornerstone of financial success
  • Why so much information to provide?
    • Specific information = answers from us will be accurate
    • The updated financial picture will be more clear!
  • We will do with this information?
    • We have privacy policies of data in accordance with the standards expected of the AMF, the CSF and IQPF.
  • What we need from you:
    • personal financial data
    • income property
    • Legal data
    • Financial companies

Personal financial data

  • Last personal tax return
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Budget
    • monthly or yearly
  • Your debts (student loans, mortgage, auto, etc.)
  • investment statements
  • QPP statement (if possible)
  • Insurance contracts
    • life, disability, critical illness, long term care
    • group insurance
  • Other relevant information – changes in your lives
    • Example: new job, new job, marital status, etc.

Income properties

  • Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Municipal assessment
  • Mortgage
    • insured mortgage?
  • Acquisition cost
  • accumulated amortization
  • UCC
  • Depreciation rate (eg 5%)
  • Strategy
    • Year of disposition
    • If death
      • sell immediately
      • Remember the strategy described above
      • Not available
    • If disability
      • sell immediately
      • Remember the strategy described above
      • Not available

Legal data

  • Will
  • fiduciary agreement
  • Matrimonial
  • separation of property
  • partnership of acquests
  • law spouse
  • Incapacity mandate
    • divorce agreements
    • prenuptial agreement
    • living warrant (JGL)

Compagnies financial data

  • Organizational chart
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Financial Statements (operative – Management – Trust)
  • Estimated Fair Market Value (FMV) of companies
  • Surveys of business investment
  • Description of income properties
  • insurance contracts in force
    • Between partners, ready, serious illness, redemption of units, overheads, health trusts.
  • Additional Information
    • Sales Contracts
    • acquisitions
    • new shareholder

Life goals

  • Pay the mortgage
  • Support to children
  • Debt Payments
  • Your dreams GREAT UNLIMITED!
    • Boat
    • Luxury car
    • traveling
    • Cottage
    • Condo in south
    • bigger house
  • Increased heritage
  • Donations to charity and specific bequests
  • Other…


  • Expected retirement age
  • Would you like to retire even faster?
  • Retirement living cost (how much net per year in retirement)
  • You’re willing to do anything to get there?
    • Increase savings (RRSPs, NON-RRSP, TFSA, etc.)
    • Accept more risk in the portfolio for a period to increase yields (change the investment profile)
  • We need the following information:
    • Statement Approved Pension Plan (RPP or REGOP)
    • Retirement Accounts Locked (CRI)
    • Other anticipated revenues (inheritance, lottery!)

Next steps

  • Integration of your data in our systems.
  • It is possible that your representative or planner contacts you for additional information.
  • Making appointments for presenting your custom schedule.